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Graf von Görlitz
"Graf von Görlitz"

From farm to 3-star superior hotel

The Korntal Farm is first mentioned in the statutes of the monastery of Sindelfingen in 1287. The estate changed ownership often over the course of the years until, in 1621, it came into the possession of the barons of Münchingen. In 1691, they built a manor on this estate, a “Landschloss” or “country castle.” Through intermarriage, the counts of Görlitz, who belonged to the royal court of Württemberg, later became co-owners of the estate. In 1818, the mayor and imperial notary Gottlieb Wilhelm Hoffmann acquired the estate of Korntal from the counts of Görlitz and the barons of Münchingen “in the name of and for a religious community,” as stated in the sales contract. This “religious community” later came to be called “Brüdergemeinde.”

The “Schlössle” became the meeting house and the parish hotel. Around 1910, the extension with the Festsaal was built, which has been carefully renovated so as to keep the charm and appearance it had in the year of its completion.

Today the Landschloss is in the possession of the evangelical Brüdergemeinde. In full awareness of the history of the house, the Landschloss Korntal has been transformed into a modern hotel business that meets and even surpasses all the requirements of a 3-star superior hotel.